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SA offers premium quality from South Korea and brings you refined and innovative food and design.

SA means “4” in the Korean language and stands for 4 values: quality, beauty, dignity and personal contact. Values that we bring to you and for you. The products were chosen on the basis of visits with the Korean creators, manufactures and distributors in Seoul, Busan and other cities.



SA offers delightful taste from the East and a diversity of flavours, with specialty dry food, sauce, snacks, spice and other products.
All that you can discover in our premium food brand Myeongin Myeongchon wich means ”hidden treasures”.


SA offers ideas and wonderful modern creations produced in Korea, such as decorative objects and pottery. Smart objects to make your life easy and happy. Bright and minimal designs are a specialty.

Workshops & Events

Would you like to discover a new taste?

SA collaborates with professional chefs to let you taste from the east in his original formed or modernised flavours. We can offer you catering and workshops on request.

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