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Introduction of

Myeong In Myeong Chon.

Philosophy of Myeong In Myeong Chon

The Korean’s culinary traditions contain valuable wisdom on life, whether they have remained intact or have changed over time. These food “treasures” are created by the harmony of heaven and land: the seasons sent by heaven, the vitality of the land, and the wisdom and care of humans. The philosophy of Myeong In Myeong Chon is to preserve such treasures and share the abundance of life through the true flavor of Korean food.


Myeong In Myeong Chon, Hidden Treasures with a Story


The masters’ food treasures are manually produced in small workshops, using seasonal ingredients, which makes it impossible to prepare large quantities. All that we seek is help people unearth, little by little, these “hidden treasures” that represent the quintessence of Korean taste and flavor through the brand Myeong In Myeong Chon.

Why launching in Belgium.

Following the rising popularity of Asian cuisines within Europe, the exquisite Korean groceries brand namely Myeong In Myeong Chon initiated a store in Galeries Lafayette in France in 2016. The fusion dishes that Myeong In Myeong Chon created using their products were a huge hit to the public. Accordingly to meet the demand and interest the company is now to introduce Belgium, the centre of Europe where various food cultures coexist, the Korean premium grocery products. We aspire to produce an exquisite combination between the local cuisines and Korean products. We hope to extend it further to introduce the Korean flavours and cultures along to Belgium by MyeongIn Myeongchon.

Our Values



SA chooses products that capture your heart and soul, but that are constantly of high quality.



The products can be simple, but they are beautiful or even stunning.



While the products are modern, the Korean spirit of respect is important for our product lines.


Personal Contact

The products were chosen on the basis of personal contact with the Korean creators, manufacturers and distributors.

Kimi Swinnen

Manager of SA – contact: – Facebook