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Camelia seed oil


Mastered by mr. Park
The camelia blooms from November until the spring of the next year. Seeds, flowers and wood all have their utility, from decoration to medicinal applications. Contrary to classic oil that is extracted under high temperatures, Camelia seed oil from Park Wonpyo is medium temperature or cold pressed, to preserve all its beneficial qualities.

Weight : 200ml

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Tomato red pepper paste


Mastered in Sunchang village

“A vibrant present given by the earth and sky”.
This guchujang paste is made by traditional way, uses the most pure ingredients form their own village Sunchang.
This red pepper paste is THE basic paste in Korea.
It is a little detail that gives an uniique flavour to the Korean kitchen.
8 months fermented.

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Weight : 120gr/300gr

Tangerine snack


Mastered by miss OH J.
The specific taste and smell of tangerines appeals to all of our five senses. These delicacies, or ‘gwajeul’, literally ‘sugared sweets’, contain no chemicals nor preservatives, in order to maintain the authentic flavour of the tangerine.

Weight : 150gr

Jeju fish sauce


This sauce is the result of the traditional process of year-long fermentation of fish that is caught along the shores of Jeju, a volcanic island in South-Korea. The sauce is filtered two or three times. It is concentrated and adds some spiced flavour to any dish.
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Weight : 200ml