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Grain syrup with ginger


Mastered by mr. Leun
20 hrs treated
Suitable for cocktails, drinks, sauces or yaourt.

Weight: 230 ml

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Bamboo salt


Mastered in Insan village.

Sea salt is stuffed into bamboo tubes, and the ends pugged with miniral)rich clay. The assembly is roasted up to as many as 8 times in a pine wood kiln. Therefore it requires a very long process. The trace elements in the clay and bamboo are thought to make this form of salt more healthy.

Weight : 120gr

Plum jam


Mastered by miss Kim Y.
The Korean plum variant ‘maesil’ contains many citric acids and boosts the metabolism. Wine is the primary product that is made of these fermented fruits. But there are alternative ways to enjoy them, like in this jam.

Weight : 200gr

Tomato with red peppers and fried anchovish, shrimps or mushrooms


Mastered by miss Guk

“A vibrant present given by the earth and sky”.
This guchujang paste is made by traditional way, uses the most pure ingredients form their own village Sunchang.
This red pepper paste is THE basic paste in Korea.
It is a little detail that gives an uniique flavour to the Korean kitchen.
8 months fermented.

Look recipes.
Weight : 120gr