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Created for Sa company by 2* Michelin chef SANGHOON DEGEIMBRE (2* L’air du temps)

Textures of cabbage / sesame oil / soy- and prune sauce

Serves four

step #1 : fried cabbage

1/2 cabbage
200 g poultry stock
20 g butter
salt to taste

Wash the cabbage and cook it in the stock for 20 minutes. Then fry it in a buttered pan until it colours slightly golden. tip for professionals : It is possible to dry the rest of the leaves and mix them to powder and use it to upgrade the dish (dry in the oven at 60°).

step #2 : fermented cabbage

1 Chinese cabbage
2 carrots
1 clove of garlic
2 slices of ginger
1/4 daikon radish
1/2 bunch of spring onions

Wash all vegetables and cut them in half. Leave them in salted water (1 liter of water for 100 g salt) for one night. Drain the vegetables and arrange them in a glass jar with slightly salted water. Close the jar and keep for 2 à 3 weeks at room temperature.

step #3 : raw cabbage

50 g raw cabbage, washed and cut into fine julienne
Make a vinaigrette with:
20 g omija vinegar
10 g soy- and prune sauce
10 g sesame oil

Mix the cabbage and the vinaigrette

step #4 : plating

Arrange every texture of cabbage in a bowl.

Carrots, algues, sesame oil, rice syrup

serves four

step #1 : orange carrots

20 orange baby carrots of Paris market carrots
20 g rice syrup
5 g chilli paste with anchovy

Wash and blanch the carrots. Warm up the rice syrup and chilli paste in een pan until it is a smooth emulsion and stir the carrots in it.

step #2 : pickled purple carrots

8 purple mini-carrots

Prepare the pickles.
Cook in a pan: 50 g sugar
100 g white vinegar
150 g water

Pour over the washed and finely sliced carrots. Set aside.

step #3 : white carrots

2 white carrots
20 g butter

Cut the carrots in 2 and fry them in butter. Cut in pieces of 3 cm.

step #4 : top of carrot juice

275 g blanched tops of carrots
325 g water
30 g sesame oil

salt to taste

Mix everything together in the Thermomix and sieve.

step #5 : carrot crème, sesame

300 g carrots
300 g poultry stock
30 g sesame oil
Wash and peel the carrots, cook them in the stock, mix finely.

step #6 : condiment: algues

8 g dry wakame soaked in water, carefully drained and crushed.
45 g butter
35 g finely chopped shallot
80 g tops of carrots, blanched and finely chopped
3 g prune sauce

Sauté with butter, add the prune sauce and allow to cool down.

step #7 : plating

Pour the green juice in a bowl, add the algues and carrots, decorate with seaweed crisps.

Beans, potatoes, Jeju fish sauce

serves four

step #1 : the beans

200 g French beans
Blanch and cut in pieces of 1 cm
200 g sword beans
Blanch and cut in very fine slices.

Prepare the pickles. Cook in a pan :
50 g sugar
100 g white vinegar
150 g water

Pour over the blanched beans. Set aside.

step #2 : condiments: herbs and fish sauce

20 g basil oil
80 g grapeseed oil
6 g dill
6 g green shiso
20 g spring onion
2 g mint
30 g fish sauce

Crush all the herbs and mix all ingredients.

step #3 : herb-steamed potatoes

15 baby potatoes
70 g aromatic herbs (persil, shiso, sage, thyme, etc…..)
Cook the potatoes in salt water.
Fill the bottom of a steamer with the herbs.
Cut the potatoes in 4, put them in the steamer and steam for 4 minutes.

step #4 : plating

Spice up the beans with the condiments, arrange in a bowl, add the potatoes. Decorate with fresh herbs (nasturtium or shiso leaf, …).

Risotto of brown rice

serves four

step #1 : the risotto

500 g rice
80 g chopped shallot
625 g poultry stock
80 g butter
60 g soy and prune paste
10 g chilli paste with mushrooms
70 g butter

Cook the rice as a pilaf rice, moisturize at the last moment, add the soy paste and the chilli paste, finish it as a risotto, end adding butter.

stap #2 : cooked cream

500 g cream
250 g mascarpone
125 g greek yogurt

Cook as a beurre noisette.

75 g egg white

Mix until you obtain a homogeneous mass.

stap #3 : plating

Arrange the risotto in a bowl, decorate with the cream and fine slices of raw shallots and fresh nuts.

Plum dessert

serves four

step #1 : marinated plums

5 small plums
500 g water
100 g sugar
60 g plum vinegar

Make a sugar syrup with water, sugar and plum vinegar. Cut the plums in half, remove the stones and pour the syrup over them. Use the syrup to make plum jelly. Cut the plums in fine pieces.

step #2 : plum jelly

250 g mashed plums
190 g plum syrup
125 g sugar
8 g agar agar

Blend everything, cook and mix finely.

step #3 : pepper and chilli sherbet

1 kilo mashed peppers
150 g sugar
150 g glucose
10 g maltodextrine of tapioca
60 g chilli paste with plums
35 g plum vinegar

Mix all ingredients, cook and pour into a Pacojet pot or a sherbet mixer. Put in the freezer.

step #4 : plating

Arrange nicely in a bowl.